Meet The Team

Claude Walker

Claude is the founder of A Rich Life and writes the Ethical Equities column for this publication.

He had the good fortune of starting young as an investor, and was the Research Analyst and then Advisor of Motley Fool Hidden Gems from 2014 – 2018, during which period his recommendations more than doubled the market return. He has a go-anywhere, do-anything approach to investing, but he always considers the impact his investments have on society and the environment, not just the expected financial return.

In the past few years he has enjoyed most success with medium-sized high-growth tech stocks on the ASX, but has continued to invest heavily in smaller, unloved and ignored micro-caps, because the market is much less efficient at the small end.

Christian Tym

Christian Tym is an Arts & Social Sciences PhD from The University of Sydney and a post-doctoral researcher in social anthropology at the University of Marburg. Christian’s academic areas of expertise are qualitative health research, critical public health and Latin American medical anthropology, but he is an appreciator and purveyor of fast, informative, evidence-based journalism of all kinds.

Chloe Mandryk

Chloe Mandryk is the Arts Editor and Writer for ‘A Rich Life’. Chloe has also contributed to the arts as ‘ARTAND Foundation’ Manager, Visual Art Curator for ‘Art, Not Apart’ a public art festival and ‘3:33 Art Projects’ who curate exhibitions in corporate spaces. For several years Chloe was the Editor of Australia’s longest running art guide ‘Art Almanac’. She was also a contributing Editor to ‘Ken Unsworth’, the first monograph on the senior Australian artist and she continues to be a freelance arts writer, published in Art & Australia, Art Asia Pacific, Artist Profile and catalogue essays.

Kirsty Francis

Kirsty Francis is a Sydney-based arts writer and former Deputy Editor of Art Almanac. Recently she collaborated with artist Jenny Bolis on fine art books, ‘Ghost History’ and ‘The Mirror’.

Maddie Reynolds

Maddie Reynolds is a university student studying Global Studies with a focus in East Asia and its languages. Maddie’s academic interests lie in Asian dynamics on the global stage, but she’s also passionate about Australia’s education system and climate policies.

Nick Hordern

Nick Hordern is a former senior writer with the Australian Financial Review and the co-author of World War Noir (NewSouth Publishing), a history of the Sydney Underworld during World War II.