Meet The Team

Claude Walker

Claude is the founder of A Rich Life and writes the Ethical Equities column for this publication.

He had the good fortune of starting young as an investor, and was the Research Analyst and then Advisor of Motley Fool Hidden Gems from 2014 – 2018, during which period his recommendations more than doubled the market return. He has a go-anywhere, do-anything approach to investing, but he always considers the impact his investments have on society and the environment, not just the expected financial return.

In the past few years he has enjoyed most success with medium-sized high-growth tech stocks on the ASX, but has continued to invest heavily in smaller, unloved and ignored micro-caps, because the market is much less efficient at the small end.

Matt Brazier

Originally from the UK, Matt is passionate about investing. Prior to becoming a full-time investor, he completed a master’s degree in mathematics and qualified as a Chartered Global Management Accountant. Matt generated an internal rate of return of more than 30% on his personal ASX account from when he bought his first ever stock in 2012 until its close in 2019. He used the proceeds to set up a small private investment company focused on Australian equities which he runs today. Since 2016, he has also been managing portfolios of UK listed shares on behalf of family. When not researching investment ideas, Matt loves spending time with his young family, reading and being outdoors.

Christian Tym

Christian Tym is an Arts & Social Sciences PhD from The University of Sydney and soon-to-be post-doctoral researcher in social anthropology at the University of Marburg. Christian’s academic areas of expertise are qualitative health research, critical public health and Latin American medical anthropology, but he is an appreciator and purveyor of fast, informative, evidence-based journalism of all kinds.

Kirsty Francis

Kirsty Francis is a Sydney-based arts writer and former Deputy Editor of Art Almanac. Recently she collaborated with artist Jenny Bolis on fine art books, ‘Ghost History’ and ‘The Mirror’.


Fabregasto is a growth-oriented private investor with a particular fondness for software stocks and companies below $1B market cap, and is always hunting for long term compounders (aren’t we all?!). His treatises on ASX growth stocks have attracted a broad international readership from retail investors to analysts at large financial institutions.

Kenny Pittock

Kenny Pittock is a Melbourne based artist who uses humour and sentimentality to playfully respond to contemporary Australian culture, having fun with the overlaps and boundaries between the public and the personal. Kenny received an Honours Fine Arts Degree in painting from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013, since then he has had solo exhibitions in Italy and Singapore, as well as consistently exhibited his work all over Australia with galleries including ACCA in Melbourne, PICA in Perth, Artspace in Sydney and MONA in Tasmania.

Vanessa Low

Vanessa Low is a Sydney-based creative with a background in art theory, graphic design and photography. Her work has been published in Art Almanac, Singapore Art Gallery Guide and, most recently, the exhibition catalogue for Capturing Nature: Early photography at the Australian Museum 1857-1893. In addition to art, Vanessa enjoys exploring and creating good food. She has a Bachelor of Art Theory (Hons I), and Certificate IV Graphic Design.

Emma-Kate Wilson

Emma-Kate Wilson is a Sydney-based contemporary art and design writer. Her writing examines current trends in global interior design and architecture; as well as the broader cultural impact of art and design.

Nick Hordern

Nick Hordern is a former senior writer with the Australian Financial Review and the co-author of World War Noir (NewSouth Publishing), a history of the Sydney Underworld during World War II.

Richard Moreland

If Richard Moreland were real, he’d be a record producer, music critic and popular academic, best known for his 6 part biography on the works of renowned folk floutist Hans Ulrich Denouement (now available as an audio book). Unfortunately, he’s nothing more than a figment of our imaginations.

Jess Howard

Jess Howard is a Canberra-based writer. Originally from New Zealand, she spends a lot of time getting to know the ACT by checking out local music and visual arts shows. Jess is passionate about making links between the culture we consume and our ideas about the world.