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A Rich Life is a fortnightly periodical founded by Claude Walker. It covers the most interesting developments in the arts, culture, global news, the environment, global politics and the global business.

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A Rich Life is a media company which employs journalists to report on the arts, culture, global news, the environment, global politics and global businesses. A Rich Life’s writers perform the required research and collect the information that is, ultimately, each day, published on this website and in its news periodicals.All content on this website and in our news periodicals are strictly for convenient personal, non‐commercial, educational and informational purposes of the people who buy our periodicals. While this from time to time includes coverage of listed companies, the majority of the content on this website is not intended as advice. Where content is financial advice, it is general advice and does not consider your personal situation.A Rich Life may, from time to time, present an opinion of an author. Not all opinions are intended to be financial advice. All original content is the copyrighted property of A Rich Life.

A Sample Of The Feedback We’ve Received From Supporters

I just wish I had joined his supporter program earlier.

– David

Raise your bloody subscription fees!!!!! You are too cheap and i worry (probably not as much as you) that by being too cheap you might attract a certain kind of subscriber that could lead to a “watered down” service to please the masses. (me being selfish).
I am sure you have it covered, just wanted to say thanks for your efforts and keep it up!

– Jon

Just a quick note to say how much I’ve been appreciating your website, and your regular postings throughout the current crisis. Your posts have definitely helped me steer my modest portfolio to a better place than I would have otherwise.

– Matt B

A more reserved 60 year old rode out the GFC and now I am witness to another major market disruption; life is nothing if not interesting. I can however say with certainty that one of my best investments is becoming a Rich Life Supporter.

– Doug M