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A Rich Life is a fortnightly periodical founded by Claude Walker, previously of Ethical Equities and Motley Fool Hidden Gems.

We offer a Supporter subscription. Supporters gain grandfathered heavily discounted access to every periodical, and the Supporter-Only sections of A Rich Life, for one year.

By becoming a Supporter you’ll receive every A Rich Life periodical for one year, including:

  • Ethical Equities column
  • An educational piece on either the current state of the market, a specific stock, or investing in general.
  • A snapshot of my ASX portfolio, with all my holdings and position sizing (every week and on request).
  • Commentary on some of my trades during the week (with the invitation to ask for more detail about those that interest you).
  • Watchlists of ASX stocks that I find interesting for a certain reason, such as fundamental growth across multiple metrics, insider buying, or the potential to benefit from a certain thematic.
  • The regular opportunity for conversation and feedback.
  • Reviews of art and music, historical stories of interest, fiction, music and so much more…
  • The right to a pro-rata refund at any time.

While we are not currently selling Supporter Subscriptions, we will be opening to new Supporters very soon. If you’d like to be notified when we do, please join the waitlist below:


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Periodicals contain:

  • The Ethical Equities column with stock ideas
  • Reviews of art shows
  • Finance or general news items
  • An educational piece on company analysis
  • General markets commentary
  • Disclosure of all ASX trades and portfolio holdings