Only For Original Supporters

Dear Original Supporter,

If you’re on this page, you should be one of our original Supporters. That means you joined before we had a Stripe account!

As a show of my sincere gratitude for your very early support, I’d like to offer you to renew at a very special Original Supporter price of $26.50 per month. You’ll be entitled to this price on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable future, and of course, you do retain your right to a pro-rata refund at any time.

You’re one of our champions, so I’ll spare you the pitch. Thank you so very much for your early support which has allowed us to turn the service from a simple email into an entire website, with an ever-growing back catalogue of (I hope) useful content.

The Original Supporter price of $26.50 compares favourably to the price of $36 per month that new Supporters are currently paying. I only ask that you keep the discounted price to yourself, because it is only available to a very small number of Supporters who backed us very early on.

And remember, I’m always open to suggestions and none of this would have been possible without your Support.

with thanks,