All About Women Festival Tickets                 

Tickets for Sydney’s international event the ‘All About Women’ festival are on sale now. The program runs from 11 to 13 March at the Sydney Opera House, and online, with a rich schedule of talks, workshops, and live music.

The guiding aim of the showcase is to explore gender, equality and justice through the stories and perspectives of writers, artists and other great minds. The curatorial team this year comprises Jamila Rizvi, Dr Amy Thunig (author of Tell Me Again), Jane Caro and Chip Rolley. Please find a handful of intriguing events listed below, and check out the full line-up for more opportunities to engage and learn.

Sunday Morning
For the arts inclined there are several creative workshops to join from printmaking to clay, as well as a discussion between Wendy Whiteley, artist, gardener and ex-wife of the Brett Whiteley, and her biographer Ashleigh Wilson who has recently published ‘A Year with Wendy Whiteley.’

Saba Vasefi, Gelareh Pour, Shokoofeh Azar offer insight into the woman-led revolution in Iran in a panel named after the catch-cry of the movement ‘woman, life, freedom’. We recently covered the early allyship of the international diaspora in Artists Support the Protestors of Iran.

Wendy Whiteley

Sunday Afternoon
Thunig has drawn together and will moderate as Chloe Hayden, Grace Tame and Jac den Houting share their experiences about what it’s actually like to be autistic.

Bri Lee, author of several books most recently Who Gets To Be Smart, will moderate a discussion which asks ‘How does the legal system respond to sexual violence against women?’ in Justice on Trial.

Sunday Evening
Jennette McCurdy the author of ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ will speak about her struggles as a young person and how she retook control of her life.

All About Women concludes with a concert by Bikini Kill, a feminist punk rock band.

If you can’t make it in person you can buy a ticket to stream many of the talks and panels here.