ASX Suspends Anti-vax Fast Food Chain Oliver’s (ASX: OLI)

It started with a fast food company selling loopy literature at truck stops. Next, Oliver’s Real Foods (ASX: OLI) was selling its own shares to customers via an IPO. Finally, the ASX has suspended the company from trading today,

Why Are ASX:OLI Shares Suspended?

In suspending the company the ASX noted:

The securities of Oliver’s Real Food Limited (‘OLI’) will be suspended from quotation under Listing Rule 17.3, as ASX has determined that OLI’s financial condition is not adequate to warrant the continued quotation of its securities and therefore it is in breach of Listing Rule 12.2. The suspension will continue until OLI is able to demonstrate compliance with Listing Rule 12.2.

Has ASX:OLI Been Suspended Before?

Yes. Previously the ASX has suspended Oliver’s for failing to lodge its FY 2019 reports on time.

Has Oliver’s Real Food Spread Conspiracy Theories?

The company’s founder Jason Gunn, has previously used Oliver’s Real Food social media account to push an anti-vaccination agenda. As recently as March 2016, the stores were used to sell conspiracy theory books such as “Cancer: why we’re still dying to know the truth”. That book claims “the knowledge to conquer cancer… is still suppressed, lies disseminated, people hounded and jailed in order to protect a voracious and highly profitable corporate agenda.”

Is Oliver’s Real Food CEO Anti-Vax?

Oliver’s Real Food CEO, Jason Gunn, speaks for himself on the subject of vaccinations in the screen shot below:

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