Australian Finance Podcast: Claude Walker Talks Ethical Investing With Kate Campbell and Owen Raszkiewicz

Recently, I was fortunate enough to record an episode of The Australian Finance Podcast which is hosted by Kate Campbell and Owen Raszkiewicz. The conversation is focussed on environmental, social and governance investing, or, more specifically, ethical investing as I do it myself. Ultimately, I argue that most people are ethical investors, at least to an extent.

In the podcast we discuss one way of thinking about ESG investing, ethical investing, and how that has impacted by investing returns (both positively and negatively). We look at how “greenwashing” sees investment fund jump on board the ethical investment bandwagon, without really believing in it.

There isn’t much stock specific discussion, though we do touch on Pro Medicus (ASX: PME), Australian Ethical Investments (ASX: AEF) and RMPGlobal (ASX:RUL).

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