Claude Walker Podcast On Ethical Investing

Ethical investing means a great deal to me; ethical investors are my favourite.

However, it is often very misunderstood, and really only refers to people considering aspects other than financial returns.

For example, one might legitimately consider the impact on the landscape of an area under consideration for development, but also the need to accommodate a growing population. An ethical developer could choose to run that assessment themselves, and only pursue projects that score well on values outside maximising development profits.

In the podcast below I had a good chat about Ethical Investing with Phil Muscatello, who has been doing his excellent podcast Shares For Beginners for years now, and recently invited me on to his other podcast Equity ASA. The episode website is via this link, or listen below.

I am grateful for the opportunity to chat with Phil, and recommend that readers check out his shares for beginners podcast episodes here.

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