Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair goes online with Art, Craft and Fashion, 6 to 11 August

The vibrancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture will shine bright in the digital world from 6 to11 August with the presentation of the 2021 ‘Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair’ (DAAF). For the second year running, DAAF will be hosting a spectacular fusion of art, design and fashion online showcasing work by more than 2,000 talented Indigenous artists and designers working across 70+ Indigenous owned art centres thriving across Australia.

2019 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. Photograph: Dylan Buckee

DAAF’s revamped digital platform will provide audiences with the opportunity to take their time exploring an extraordinary array of Indigenous arts and crafts including works on paper, prints, wood carvings, paintings on bark, sculpture, weaving and more, which have been made using a vast array of traditional and naturally sourced fibres from pandanus to bush dyes and a range of other artmaking mediums.

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DAAF is supported by the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation (DAAFF) whose mission centres on promoting the ethical sale and purchase of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art and design works. DAAF ensures 100% of sales go directly to the artists and their communities.

The Warlu Collection (full), Warlukurlangu Artists and North, Country to Couture 2020. Photograph: George F Photography

Country to Couture | Indigenous Fashion Projects
With an exciting leap into the world of fashion, exquisite textile and design collections will captivate audiences on the runway with the presentation of the Country to Couture showcase. Outstanding  textiles, wearable apparel, jewellery and accessories, all beautifully enriched with vibrant stories of Indigenous culture and Country will have fashionistas on the edge of their seats at the Darwin Convention Centre on 4 August.

Launched in 2020, the National Indigenous Fashion Awards (NIFA) were established to recognise the excellence and creative achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and designers making their way in the fashion industry both in Australia and on the international circuit, and give credit to the innovative, diverse and ethical practices and valuable contributions artists and designers and art centres in building Indigenous enterprise in the sector. The 2021 NIFA award winners were announced on Larrakia Country in Darwin on 3 August. Categories: Cultural Adornment and Wearable Art Award, Textile Design Award, Fashion Design Award, Social and Environmental Contribution Award, Community Collaboration Award and Special Recognition Award.

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Tjawina Porter painting on her Country at Kuruyultu, 2021. Photograph courtesy of Tjarlirli Art Indigenous Corporation

Free Artist and Contributor Talks: The Indigenous Art Centre Alliance will lead a discussion about ‘Belonging’, a development art project and exhibition heading to the National Museum of Canberra in September. Artists from Walantanalinany Palingina, Tasmania, Babbarra Women’s Centre, Maningrida, and Anindilyakwa Arts and Agency, Northern Territory, share insight about the emergence of new art and fashion projects happening across the country, while Dr Joanna Barrkman, editor and exhibition curator of ‘Aboriginal Screen-Printed Textiles from Australia’s Top End’ talks with some of the artists who were involved in the production of the exhibition’s publication of the same name. The book, which documents the development of textile screen printing as a successful mode of creative storytelling across five Northern Territory Aboriginal art centres since the 1960’s will be launched during the festival.

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