Garma Festival is open in Arnhem Land

Garma is a Yolngu cultural festival, open this weekend and until 1 August in Gulkula, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. You can browse the full festival line-up here, which also includes interesting and informative meditations on the history, politics, and education interwoven with the event from its genesis 23 years ago to today.

Aspects of Garma to enjoy and engage with include; live music, workshops, astronomy, cinema, healing activities, cultural and youth forums, yoga, tai chi and remote art centres and special guest speakers will highlight the value of visual art.  

Chairman Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM explained that Garma is an occasion for sharing, reciprocity and continuation of culture, noting his hope that participants ‘will engage with us in an exchange that we can both value and use for our joint well-being and future… This is the specialness of life; where you meet new people and learn new things, you exchange things of value, and the sweat that is produced by that effort is of importance to the lives of both.’

Denise Bowden, Festival Director, also share;

This year we are seeking to reenergise after the difficult times we have all experienced over the last few years. Without that touch and contact that we enjoy as people, with each other and with the lands and waters around us, we have to renew the dialogue and the friendships that we have built and that we carry with us.

The event is supported by The Yothu Yindi Foundation which was established in 1990 to promote cultural development focussing on five regional clan groups: Gumatj, Rirratjingu, Djapu, Galpu and Wangurri.

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