How Bad Is Covid In The USA Right Now?

Overall right now in the United States, daily confirmed cases of coronavirus have been trending back up, despite the fact that the country is heading into summer.

This bodes poorly for winter if indeed weather has a big impact on spread.

Based on current behaviour, the Federal Reserve has responded to bad news by printing more money. So bad coronavirus data is not guaranteed to cause markets to sell off. Having said that, I remain cautious because the situation continues to get worse, and panicky scenes can cause people to stay home — or riot!

Looking to the most troublesome and important states, we can see that there is a long way to go before they reach NYC style disease penetration rates.

That said, it does look like Arizona is having a read hot shot at letting cases ramp so I would not want to be living in that area of America right now.

So all in all the disease is looking very dangerous in America with no sign of going away or even being controlled in a meaningful way. As the country navigates an election with arguably one of the most frightening Presidents on earth keen to cling to power it is fair to say we are witnessing a generally concerning period.