Information for Artists in the Pandemic

Looking for artist resources, love art or, would you like to better understand the creative industry from thought leaders and contemporary data in Australia? A visit to the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) website might be for you. NAVA leads advocacy, policy and action for the Australian arts sector.

In a statement released to subscribers and members of NAVA today the organisation noted ‘while we are also supportive of the announcement on 14 July of a $75 million funding package for the performing arts and music industry in NSW we have urgently called on the government to commit critical financial support for the visual arts, craft and design sector.’ They added ‘The lockdown support, while helping many, excludes thousands of sole traders, small businesses and creatives earning under $30k.’

Image from NAVA’s Donations Page

They have dedicated a page on their site to learn about opportunities for individuals and groups affected by the pandemic.

The page comprises links and descriptions about funding opportunities and rent assistance. It also canvasses NAVA’s National Priorities, information about their immediate actions and submissions to the Senate Inquiry.

In addition they have multiple hyperlinked lists about where to find health information for your region and links to the latest news from funding bodies from around Australia.

NAVA have also re-iterated some common sense and industry advice, which is a useful reminder in these uncertain times, for example NAVA urges us to;

Take extra special care with all of your communications at this time: formal and informal, internal and external. Be aware of how your language and tone may be received by people experiencing this crisis in different ways. Express your duty of care and emphasise that care. Be as clear as you can, and consider how your message can be repeated and presented across multiple formats.

NAVA are a resource for those working in the arts and people who support its sustainability and success. They also platform some arts content, such as the podcast series In Conversation which features artists, curators and organisations discussing issues and ideas in the sector. The site offers a rich catalogue of economic, gender and diversity studies, and as they caption one report ‘new evidence about the essential role arts and creativity play in Australian communities, showing the arts are a public good infused and embedded in the fabric of our daily lives.’

‘Stay safe and remember to check in with your colleagues and loved ones’ they conclude. NAVA also suggests checking out the arts oriented website Support Act where you can get help, and give help!