Is Macrobusiness Failing To Disclose Conflicts Of Interest?

Today I saw that Macrobusiness has taken another step as part of the synchronised promotion of shares in OneView (ASX:ONE).

When Macrobusiness emailed the Next Investors report on the stock to its email list on Monday, the email contained traditional disclosures about the fact that Next Investors was the author of the post. It also included disclosures about the potential for a conflict of interest, given that the authors, StocksDigital, own shares in the company.

However, today, MacroBusiness is promoting this new report on OneView. In the email, it discloses the report is sponsored content, as you can see below.

However, once I got to the actual page, I did not notice any indication that the content had been sponsored, or who it was sponsored by.

Given that S3 Consortium have previously paid Macrobusiness to promote OneView, we believe that it is likely S3 Consortium (through StocksDigital and The Next Investors) are the authors of the sponsored post we screen-shotted above. If so, that means the sponsor owns shares in OneView (ASX: ONE), according to the ASX announcement by ASX:ONE on March 12.

As a result, we have the following questions for Macrobusiness:

  1. Are “The Next Investors” the sponsor of this article on Macrobusiness?
  2. If so, why doesn’t the article disclose that the authors own shares in OneView?
  3. If not, who did sponsor this article?
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