Louise Marson exhibition Corporeal Discards

Louise Marson is an emerging artist living with a disability from an acquired brain injury and mental illness. She explores themes of mental health, identity, and materiality and aims to raise awareness and foster greater understanding and inclusion around mental health disabilities.

Continuing her signature use of mosaics this new exhibition titled ‘Corporeal Discards’ will feature a large five-panel sculptural work made from abandoned materials, including marble mosaics and oyster shells sourced from Queen Victoria Market as well as pieces left behind from the Metro Tunnel Project and the archaeological investigation of the Hoddle Grid.

Discards work in progress

The symbolism of re-platforming these discarded materials, is to show that they are useful, beautiful, ‘seen again’, have significance and value; a clear parallel to how people may feel as they move through life.  

The artist says “The experimental process involves repetition of material activity: small, discrete, discarded objects are continuously collated into large scale assemblages to engage a new audience with its new narrative(s). Each of the incorporated discards may be considered to have ‘low significance’. They represent a tangible expression of the mundane and disposable. Yet, they are central to my work. I reassigned significance to them, giving these objects a sense of purpose and place.”

Discards work in progress

The exhibition will be on view at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery in Abbotsford, Victoria from April 7 to April 28, 2024.