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This particular invitation is special because it is for prior supporters who need to update their credit card details, friends, friends of friends and people who emailed me personally expressing an interest to subscribe. For that reason, we offer the original price, rather than the slightly higher price we’re offering these days.

By becoming a Supporter you’ll receive every A Rich Life periodical for one year, including:

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  • Tonnes of content about life, news, arts, and culture.
  • A weekly disclosure of my ASX portfolio, with all my holdings, portfolio changes and position sizing, in order to ensure transparency.
  • The invitation to give feedback and suggest subject matter that interests you.
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  • The right to end the subscription and receive pro-rata refund for advance payments, at any time, for any reason (no lock-in).

In exchange, we also have the right to give you a pro-rata refund at any time and cancel the subscription.

I don’t feel particularly comfortable talking about my winning stocks and I’m not a natural marketer. But I love those people who have supported us despite the lack of ‘hard sell’ and it’s my honour to share with you some of the feedback I’ve received so far.

While the normal price is $474 per year (and we are not even open at the moment) you’re very special to us in some way or the other, so the price for you is $399.

On February 29, Scott wrote:

“Your writing has now saved me a lot of money with 5G many months ago and now your call on this [the impact of coronavirus].  So your service is very valuable.”

But looking back, some of the content I’m proudest of was about a stock I don’t like.

One Supporter wrote:

“I must also thank you for that article titled “Why I would never own iSign this (ISX)” 
I was dithering about closing the position and you gave me the push. 
I was pretty happy I did when it crashed a few weeks later.
So really from my small investment into Ethical Equities, I have made many thousands of dollars.
Thank you so much and best wishes.”
Of course, we have some wins as well:
I joined Claude as a supporter and am extremely pleased to say investment has paid off handsomely in particular with assisting my sell decisions in PME and VLT along with buy ideas KME and CWL. Claude is a lateral, unique thinker and his insights have helped with my approach to the market directly and indirectly. I can’t recommend his service highly enough.” – Kristian, Sapient Capital
But ultimately, there’s no greater success than customer satisfaction:

I just wish I had joined his supporter program earlier.” — David

Raise your bloody subscription fees!!!!! You are too cheap and i worry (probably not as much as you) that by being too cheap you might attract a certain kind of subscriber that could lead to a “watered down” service to please the masses. (me being selfish). I am sure you have it covered, just wanted to say thanks for your efforts and keep it up! ” – Jon

PS: Here’s some more of the feedback I’ve received running prior publications:

Claude gives us honest advice and will say it when he was wrong, it is like any company if you have good honest management, you’re half way there” — Marc

I sure did get Pro Medicus early” — Grant

Thank you so much Claude, the length you went to to help me understand that is above and beyond, keep up the great work mate.” — tmc86

Thanks again to the team at ethical equities.. ROI on the membership fee works out to be about 1 day…” – M T (via twitter)

Those of us within Claude’s inner bubble would prefer to keep him to ourselves. Please don’t sign up” – Jaye (provided testimonial)

“I think I owe you a drink or two!” – Kurt (via email)

“I am super happy with my first few months of membership to your service.” – Josh (via email)

Finally, I’d like to share the stat I am most proud of. Our offer of a pro-rata refund has only been taken up by about 3% of Supporters (so far, touch wood). Giving all subscribers the right to a pro-rata refund, at any time, is core to our offering because it allows us to gauge satisfaction, and it removes an incentive for us to skimp on value delivered. We are proud of our low refund rate and we will make every effort to be the subscription you love most.