‘Revealed 2020’ New & Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists

Maureen Nelson, Minyma Kutjara Arts Project, Joyrider, 2020, metal, plastic, acrylic paint, 26 x 32 x 74cm. Photograph: Pixel Poetry. Courtesy the artist and Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia

Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) in WA, like many Australian galleries and art institutions have set their sights on staying connected with the arts community and continuing to support their artists during Covid-19 closures by adding new digital innovations to their online portals. “Our doors may be closed but the FAC team is still dedicated to bringing audiences the Revealed Exhibition,” said FAC Director Jim Cathcart.

Until 24 May, visitors to the FAC website will be delighted by the dazzling showcase of 120 artworks created across a range of artistic mediums including painting, installation, video, textiles, photography, print media, jewellery, carving and sculpture, by new and emerging Western Australian Aboriginal artists exhibiting in the annual ‘Revealed’ exhibition, which is available to explore via a comprehensive online catalogue turning more than 280 pages.

Gideon Gardiner, Annunciation, 2018, copic marker on paper, 42 x 60cm. Courtesy the artist and Spinifex Hill Studio

From one turn of the page to the next viewers are treated to an exceptional display of artworks created in vibrant colour and pattern celebrating stories of Aboriginal culture, Country and Dreaming. We see bushfood and wildflower paintings from artist Edie Ulrich-Buodoon, portraiture by Milton Hansen, Belinda Dymer’s interpretations of the water systems of the Southern coastal areas of Australia, and handcrafted textiles made using block prints on silk by artists from Nagula Jarndu Women’s Art Resource Centre in Broome.

Matilda Oxtoby’s works draw focus to ancient rock art themes as well as the flora and fauna found along the river and the surrounds of Kalumburu, Denice Kelly’s painted works explore Aboriginal Creation Mythologies, Natalie Davey presents animal themed jewellery pieces cast in bronze, and Samuel Pilot-Kickett showcases dream-like spray-painted landscapes.

Rita Wilson, Ninuku Arts, Ilrupa, 2020, blown glass, 23 x 18 x 18cm. Courtesy the artist and Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia

There are glass blown pots by artists from Ninuku Arts Kalka community, authentic carved wooden punu from Maruku Arts & Crafts collective in Uluru, animated car sculptures constructed in metal,  plastic and acrylic paint that visualise stories of life on Country and community by artists at Minyma Kutjar Arts Project Wingellina, as well as fibre art pieces from Tjanpi Desert Weavers in Alice Springs, and much more.

Jump on the FAC website to see the full collection of artworks featured in the ‘Revealed’ 2020 catalogue and exhibition. The catalogue includes a full list of participating artists and Aboriginal art centres, as well as details on how to purchase works from the exhibition (works already sold are marked in the catalogue, which is updated regularly). Fremantle Arts Centre have waived gallery commissions on sales of works in this show to ensure that 100% of the much-needed profits go back to the artists and their communities during these difficult times.