The Art Diary: 8 must see exhibitions from around Australia on view now

Emma Young, ChiliPhilly, Sophia Nuske and Kenny Pittock
Pop Mart
JamFactory, Adelaide
Until 26 April

With schools, restaurants, gyms, salons and places of retail, recreation and worship shuttered the grocery store, and its associated items, are ascribed new meanings.

Adam Cullen
Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane
Until 6 March

Adam Cullen remains one of Australia’s most recognisable contemporary artists…Cullen gained the moniker of an ‘enfant terrible’

Hayley Millar-Baker
Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
Until 6 March

The truth is I Will Survive isn’t the truth, but maybe it is.

Group show including: Jason Benjamin, Guy Warren, Robert Dickerson, Celia Perceval…and more
Investment Art & Secondary Sales
Linton & Kaye Galleries, Perth
Until 21 March

Gary Kay and Linton Partington are able to assist collectors refining and developing their art collections. 

David Ryrie
Otherwise Arbitrary Moments
Goulburn Regional Gallery, NSW
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Until 3 April

Making art is how I understand the world and my place in it. That evolves and changes constantly, and I like that. There is beauty in the most common places, it just requires a lot of looking.

Anna Eggert and Lucienne Rickard
On Common Ground
Beaver Galleries, Canberra
4 – 21 March

This exhibition brings together the sculpture of Anna Eggert and the drawings of Lucienne Rickard. Both artists are concerned with the impact and intrusion of modern society on the natural world.

Shaun Gladwell
Homo Suburbiensis
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne
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Until 24 April

Human movement becomes the subject of focus in the landscape or domestic setting. The artist puts physical motion to the test across a range of public and private spaces.

Shaun Gladwell balancing a wheel chair on a small dining table

Monisha Chippada, Peta Clancy, Dacchi Dang, Selina Ershadi & Azita Chegini, Simryn Gill, Sancintya Mohini Simpson and Leyla Stevens.
‘The Past is the Present is the Future’

Granville Centre Art Gallery, NSW
Until 9 May

Photographic and moving image practices explore the way in which time is ever present and how it is woven throughout our connections to culture, people and place.

Captions T/B: Kenny Pittock, Jam Fancies, 2021. Photo: the artist;  Adam Cullen, Boxers, 213 x 182cm, Acrylic on Linen; Hayley Millar-Baker, I Will Survive 1 2020, inkjet print on Canson Baryta, 93 x 70 cm, edition of 8 + 2AP; Jason Benjamin, All the past in all the future, 2007, oil on canvas, 122 x 122cm; David Ryrie, Ball Games, 2019, 101cm x 150cm, pigment ink on archival art paper; Anna Eggert, Winter crocus – stainless steel mesh, copper, capacitors, 25 x 30 x 25cm; Dachhi Dang, Self Portrait I.