The Men Who Drank To The Death of the Russian Stock Market On Live TV

There are now two Russian stockmarket investors who have drank to the death of the Russian stock market in both 2008, and 2022. Currently, the Russian stock market appears to be deceased, having not traded any shares since Russia invaded Ukraine. Notably, the Moscow stock market was also closed in 1917 and all the stocks went to zero.

After closing in 1917, the Moscow stock exchange re-opened in 1990, 73 yeas later. It is now closed again.

Who is Alexander Butmanov?

Alexander Butmanov famously sent regards Sergey Usichenko when he drank to the death of the stock market, live on Russian TV in 2022. This could be seen as hyperbole by Putin and Western turncoats, but since the Russian Stock Market has been closed ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, it is 100% reasonable to drink to its death. You can see the whole clip in the video below.

Who is Sergey Usichenko?

According to Fortune he is “Deputy CEO at Epicentr K, a national chain of home improvement stores in Ukraine.” In 2008, he poured one out for the stock market as prices crashed during the GFC.

At the end of the day, we can only hope Alexander Butmanov did not get in to trouble for his stunt. Certainly, he seems to be thinking more clearly than many Western fund managers who have invested in Russian stocks.

What does a Western Russian Stock Investor Say?

Ironically, while Russians drank to the death of the stock market on live TV, some Western fund managers who invest in Russian stocks seem to be repeating Putin’s propaganda. I wonder if they have any Russian oligarch investors?