The National Aboriginal Art Gallery set to open 2028

The National Aboriginal Art Gallery is slated to open in Alice Springs in 2028, with support from the Northern Territory Government and the Australian Government who have committed $69 million and $80 million to the project respectively.

Image: Architects impression of the view towards the gallery entry, BVN Architecture and local architects Susan Dugdale & Associates

The gallery’s primary focus is to exhibit and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, the artistic excellence of one of the world’s oldest continuous cultures.

It promises to be a First Nations led and governed gallery with healing gardens protecting sacred sites. The plan is to create a confluence between indoor and out with connection to public space including a public amphitheatre and Kwatye (water) play. There will also be a top floor event space, ground floor café and four level atrium.

The aim for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery is that it will serve as a community hub as well as be a ‘high-quality cultural facility that stands as an iconic architectural statement, driving tourism, enhancing liveability, and promoting social and economic objectives.’

Importantly the gallery intends to function as a space ‘that honours the stories and truth-telling of our First Nations people nationally.’