Tips For Contacting Management Of The Company You Own Shares In

Some retail investors believe they cannot access management. While this is undoubtedly sometimes true you can frequently get a reply from leaders of small companies. Here’s some tips to make it happen.

  1. Get past gatekeepers. You need the manager’s direct email. If you cannot find it, guess it by learning the company’s email naming conventions (eg. [email protected]).
  2. Be aware that CEOs are special so if their email is not according to the naming convention, it is usually “[email protected]” for them.
  3. Be formal, polite, and introduce yourself as a shareholder, and ally.
  4. Do not be aimless; have a specific question, and be very succinct.
  5. Demonstrate you have tried to answer the question yourself.
  6. Thank them for reading your email and leave contact details so they know exactly who you are (and ideally enough information for them to find your online presence).

For example:

Dear Bob,

I’ve been a shareholder in Software Smallco since 2017 and I’m excited about the company’s future.

However, I’m curious to know whether the priority at the moment is investing in new products, investing in marketing, or reaching cash flow break even.

I’ve found a few reviews online that suggest that we lose some business to competitors with a more comprehensive suite of modules (and bigger marketing budgets), but at the same time it could be advantageous to prove to investors that the business is self-funded. I realise all these things are important to the company, but I couldn’t tell from the latest presentation which is the priority.

Can you share any of your thinking about this?

Thanks, and I hope you are well.

Claude Walker

0413 XXX XXX