Ukraine Liberates Town of Trostianets Near Border With Russia

On March 26, Ukrainian defenders ejected the Russian invaders from the town of Trostianets, in the Sumy region of Ukraine, according to official government sources. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Trostianets had a population of around 20,000.

Where is Trostianets?

As you can see from the map below Trostianets (the red marker) is quite close to the border with Russia, just 81km by road to the nearest Russian town of Grayvoron. At the time of its initial occupation, local media reported that the Russians blockaded the train station, making it impossible for many civilians to flee.

The “Russian Kiss” In Ukraine

Footage on the ground in Trostyanets shows that the Russians have laid waste to the town. Unfortunately, it will be a long road to recovery for the civilians of Ukraine, and rebuilding cannot commence until they have won the war.