Ukrainians Continue To Resist Russian Invasion

All right thinking people are hoping that the Ukranians will expel the Russian invaders soon. However, even once that happens Ukraine will greatly need assistance in rebuilding; the physical and psychological scars will run deep.

How many Ukrainian civilians has Russia killed so far?

Obviously, Ukraine has lost many buildings, much infrastructure, and countless homes. The UN reports that Putin’s Henchmen, also known as the Russian Army, had killed at least 726 people including 52 children, by the 15th or March. The indiscriminate killing of children historically will lead to decades of animosity, since humans have evolved to protect their young.

Is The Official Civilian Death Toll Accurate In Ukraine?

Given the range and scale of Putin’s atrocities, it is hard to believe the death toll could really be so low. The CNN has given comprehensive coverage to the Russian attack on the Mariupol hospital for women and children. Russia responded with disingenuous public relations sleight-of-hand, trying to discredit one of the victims. Sadly, some Russian citizens believe the lies of Putin, even when their own Ukrainian family members attest to the destruction Russia is doing in Ukraine.

What Kind Of Economic Damage Is Russia Doing?

Economic losses for Ukraine are intense. For example, Mariupol has lost one of biggest metallurgic plants in Europe.

Is the Russian Army Committing War Crimes?

The Russian Army has attacked a building in Mariupol labelled “children” in Russian, where internally displaced women and children were sheltering. This is a clear example of a war crime.

Despite wreaking this destruction Russians are not really advancing. Indeed, since the invasion began it is estimated they have allowed over 100 tanks to be captured. Their ill disciplined henchmen are looting along the way, ensuring that the Ukrainian citizenry have no choice but to sabotage the invaders by giving their positions to Ukrainian militia and military.

And so it is no surprise that the words of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko remain as relevant as ever to Ukrainians; ‘Keep fighting — you are sure to win’. And as the tweet below shows, Ukrainians will keep fighting to win. Unfortunately, Russian disinformation units have well and truly infiltrated our democracies, and as a result, many in the West remain hesitant to provide maximum support for Ukraine.