Vaccinated Partiers at Hoxton Cluster all Test Negative

How good are the vaccines in real-world scenarios? NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard made some illuminating comments on the subject at this morning’s press conference.

Hazzard was responding to queries about whether people subject to stay-at-home orders may leave their house for a vaccination. He urged everyone in that situation to go and get their shot, saying it is the most important thing anyone can do.

“We had a party that was reported at West Hoxton earlier in this outbreak. I can report that of the more than 30 people that were at that party, 24 of those people are now positive for Covid-19. Not one of those 24 people were vaccinated.”

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard

“I can also advise that of the six health workers attending that party who were fully vaccinated, not one of those people has been infected with the Covid-19 virus. I can also report that there was one aged care worker at that party who had had the first dose, and that aged care worker was also not infected at the party.”

“The early and strong indications from that party are…that if you’re vaccinated, you are much more likely to not be infected with Covid-19.”

With the recent lock-downs in Melbourne and now Sydney, plenty of people have been asking questions about why vaccinated individuals are subject to the same restrictions. The reason is that it is not yet known whether vaccinated individuals can carry and transmit the virus.

However, anecdotally the West Hoxton party suggests that vaccines not only dramatically reduce your chances of getting sick or seriously ill, they also boost your chances of keeping the virus out of your system entirely.

Let’s hope the message filters out to the roughly one-in-four Australians who are currently vaccine “hesitant.” Of course, they’re unlikely to be the same people listening to Brad Hazzard’s press conferences.

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