Vale Brazier Equity Pty Ltd

I was the first external investor in an investment company called Brazier Equity Pty Ltd, run by Matt Brazier, back in 2019. Over the years, Matt has contributed valuable content to my websites.

I recently received my final update from the company. As you can see below, its returns were absolutely excellent. What is absolutely impressive is that these returns were achieved with minimal drawdowns. Perhaps by taking on more risk, I have outperformed Matt at times, but I have a feeling he is a better investor than I.

He will tell you that his timing — winding up the company in November 2021 — was pure luck (given the treacherous market since then). But I can’t help wondering if the heady market played a role in his decision.

Despite the protestations of investors such as myself, Matt has wrapped up his investment company because he will be moving back to the UK. Although Matt Brazier will soon abandon the funny old ASX, we will still be able to hear keep abreast of his investments via his website, the Matt Brazier Investment Diary.

Thanks for your good work Matt.