What is a ‘Vote for Art’ in the Federal Election?

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) have published their Federal Election Report Card, a compilation of election commitments made to date (17 May 2022) by the Liberal-National Coalition, Labor and The Greens.

Photo by Zach Key on Unsplash

As we mentioned earlier in this article on the Artists Wage proposed by The Greens, NAVA has identified five key policy priorities that they feel will boost the entire economy and quality of life for all Australians, they are;

  1. Put First Nations first
  2. Stimulate long-term sustainability
  3. Pay artists for their work
  4. Prioritise equity, cultural safety and accessibility
  5. Nourish arts education

On their round-up of publicly available campaign information NAVA notes that the Report Card ‘aims to provide information to help voters evaluate each parties’ public positions. NAVA does not endorse any of these parties. Where the Report Card shows a blank space, we welcome all party representatives to make public commitments or contact NAVA directly.’

If you would like to cast your ‘Vote for Art’, we hope you find this information useful. Visit the Australian Electoral Commission website here for information on who your candidates are and where to vote.