What To Buy: A Coronavirus Shopping List

I’m someone with respiratory disease, and a troubled immune system, I’ve been preparing for the likely coronavirus pandemic over the last week. Today, I thought I’d share my shopping list (with special thanks to a few of my long-term investor friends who helped me with this).

Obviously, I do not think anyone should be panic buying. We are not preparing for a zombie movie. But if an epidemic appears, there are certain places I will want to avoid, such as pharmacies and (subsequently) supermarkets. So this isn’t about assuming there will be shortages; it’s about assuming that we won’t want to go out much.

So why not prepare?

What We Should Already Have

  • Prescription pharmaceuticals
    • Include your partner, parents, children, and pets!
  • Non-prescription pharmaceuticals
    • Don’t forget to anticipate! eg. If you are early in your pregnancy, will you need something such as antacids in a few months?
    • If you regularly need ibuprofen, buy it now
    • Cold treatments such as Manuka honey, nose spray, panadol…
    • Hyrdralite or similar…
  • Frozen meals
    • It’s unlikely we will lose power, so you probably don’t have to live off canned food
  • Basics for nutrition
    • Our toddler loves his milk, so we got a lot of long life milk
    • We love pasta in this house, so we bought a bunch from Aldi
    • Uh-oh, better go get some wine!
  • Basics for sanitation
    • Tampons or pads
    • Nappies, baby wipes, toilet paper
    • Hand Sanitiser
    • Sanitising wipes
    • Tissues
  • Masks
    • For some reason people seem pretty obsessed with arguing masks aren’t effective, but I’d prefer have one thanks.
  • Basics for healthy family
    • Orange juice
    • Sources of vitamins
    • Resveratrol (this study may have suggested it helps against MERS)
  • Essentials for children who might get sick
    • Baby panadol and nurofen
    • Thermometer
    • Infant nose spray

What To Get ASAP

  • Make sure the car has a full tank of petrol
  • Make sure important at home work and entertainment facilities are working such as tv/computer/phone/internet
  • A Haircut — hairdressers might not be open in an epidemic :p

Please let us know if you think we’re missing something on this list and we’ll add it.

To keep track of our Coronavirus updates and insights, visit our Coronavirus data page.