What to See at Perth Festival

Perth Festival is on now until 5 March and comprises an array of artistic experiences which have been curated to the theme of Djinda (stars). The visual arts component of the festival has been curated by Annika Kristensen and the presentations will take place across the city in art galleries, both institutions and commercial spaces.

Michaela Greave shares a light installation on the roof of the Art Gallery of Western Australia titled ‘Between us’ which is beaming signals from us into the night sky, and universe. The signals are created by the local community. Texts by us are translated into the Morse code language of pulses and pause.

Michaela Gleave, ‘Messages of Hope, Messages of Love’, 2020 Photo: Dianna Panucchio

At the Fremantle Arts Centre you’ll find ‘Other Horizons’, a show of work by Atong Atem, Hayley Millar Baker and Jasmine Togo-Brisby which the gallery says individually and collectively express ‘contemporary First Nations ritual, spirituality and power.’

Hayley Millar Baker, Nyctinasty, installation view, Gertrude Contemporary, Victoria, Australia. Image: Christian Capurro.

PICA – Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts presents ‘Emanations’ by Rosa Barba, the artist’s first solo show in Australia. The experience will communicate ‘her long-standing explorations of the connections between film and astronomy, and their shared engagement with light, time, and distance.’

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery hosts ‘Black Sky’ which is made up of work from the artist collective Tennant Creek Brio, a film from Gobawarrah-Yinhawangka Traditional Owners and Yanyuwa/Jingili filmmaker Michael Bonner, a film and installation by Joseph Williams and Lévi McLean and works by leading artists Julie Dowling and Tracey Moffat. The gallery says that the show is united by the idea that ‘skies are spaces that hold life and story, incite creation and dreams, and witness political action and environmental destruction.’

These are just a few of the exciting events open to the public. Check out the full line up of art to enjoy here.