4D Medical (ASX: 4DX)

4D Medical (ASX: 4DX) is an ASX listed software company founded by CEO Andreas Fouras in December 2012. The 4D Medical IPO share price was $0.73. The company is commercialising a new kind of 4D lung scan that can show how aerosols interact with the body, inside the lungs. 4D Medical’s technology could help with more accurate diagnosis of lung disease.

4D Medical’s technology is known as X-ray velocimetry (XV) uses numerous simultaneous X-ray pictures taken from various angles to detect the mobility of lung tissue throughout different stages of breathing. Then, using measurements of ventilation, XV generates coloured heat maps.

4D Medical (ASX: 4DX) competes with a range of imaging technologies that could be used to better understand chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 4D Medical also offers software solutions for lung imaging, such as Permetium, which delivers detailed ventilation measurement using 4DMedical’s patented  XV Technology.