Energy One (ASX: EOL) Discussion On Baby Giants Podcasts

Regular readers will know that one of the ASX companies I’m most interested in is Energy One (ASX: EOL), which I also own shares in.

What does Energy One (ASX: EOL) do?

Energy One sells software for wholesale energy market participants, and also allows energy market participants by actually outsource energy trading and risk management to Energy One. Therefore, Energy One is a software and services company. Well over half of Energy One’s revenue is recurring in nature, whether that be monthly software revenue, or ongoing energy trading services.

Do Energy One Directors Own Shares?

In the podcast we discussed insider ownership. I couldn’t recall the exact levels of insider ownership at Energy One, so I have recorded it below (as at the date of the last annual report).

Energy One Chairman Andrew Bonwick owned 422,348 shares, or just over 1.5% of the company.

Energy One CEO Shaun Ankers owned about 835,550 shares, or about 3% of the company.

Energy One director Ian Ferrier, founder of what the AFR calls “iconic” insolvency firm Ferrier Hodgson owned just over 7 million shares, or around 25% of the company.

Energy One director Ottmar Weiss owned around 1.3 million shares, or just over 4.5% of the company.

Energy One director and former CEO Vaughn Busby owns 4.1 million shares, or just under 15% of the company.

All up, the board controls about 50% of the company.

How Long Has Shaun Ankers Been CEO of Energy One?

On the podcast, I was a bit uncertain about the historical CEOs of Energy One. In actual fact, the CEO role changed hands twice after the unsuccessful IPO.

The first CEO was Vaughn Busby, who was followed by Richard Brys from 2008 to 2010. The current CEO Shaun Ankers became CEO of Energy One in 2010. It was good to have Kevin challenge me with the ancient history. For those wishing to have a look back at where it all started, you can check the original Energy One prospectus here, though I note the current business doesn’t look much like the one that IPO’d in 2006.

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