Is Alcidion (ASX: ALC) One Of Motley Fool’s Next Recommendations?

Last week I was given this marketing by Motley Fool, assuring me that they would release the “Healthcare Innovator” stocks to their paying subscribers at 9am. So here I am, quietly waiting for some of my innovative healthcare stocks to pop. But I see nothing.

This leads me to believe that for some reason Motley Fool have not released their healthcare innovators stocks as planned. Can anyone confirm this to be the case?

Getting down to business, I believe that Motley Fool will quite possibly recommend Alcidion (ASX: ALC) as one of their healthcare innovators. As a result, I have bought some shares in Alcidion which I intend to sell once they finally release their “healthcare innovators” to members. Part of my reason for thinking this is that their other services have recommended Alcidion. However, my expectations for the pop, even if they do recommend Alcidion are quite low, as the stock will be released simultaneously with other “healthcare innovator” stocks.

What might the other stocks be? There are plenty of possibilities to chose from. One guess would be Mach7 (ASX: M7T) as I recall it being used in a past service. And one of the smallest ones that might be chosen, in my view, is PKS Holdings (ASX: PKS). As a result, I bought a few PKS shares just now. Even though I think it is only a chance they will recommend the stock, I think it will move if they do because it is only $75m market cap.

Please note, I intend on selling my shares tomorrow. This is simply me trying to guess what Motley Fool will recommend based on marketing; it’s pure frivolity, but occasionally pays off.

This is not advice. These are investment notes of mine; not a recommendation. I could have made mistakes in the notes; and I still have many loose ends to explore. I have just bought shares in ALC and PKS, and plan to sell some tomorrow. Please read our detailed disclaimer.

Addendum 6pm the next day: this was obviously recommended after I wrote this article (a reminder?). The impact was felt in the stock today. I did my trade for a mild profit, but kept some Alcidion shares (which I already held before anyway).

Mach7 (ASX: M7T) also moved alas PKS Holdings (ASX: PKS) did not. I still hold my PKS shares but will probably sell them. In hindsight M7T would have been a good option but the signal was polluted by the fact they also reported their quarterly today.