Talking Stocks: Damstra (ASX: DTC), Pro Medicus (ASX: PME), Tesla and Peloton on the Rask Invest Podcast

This podcast is a couple of weeks old now but I thought I should do a quick post on it because I discussed my feelings about Damstra (ASX:DTC). Please note that at the time of the podcast on November 5 I still owned Damstra shares but since then I’ve sold them all (for a loss, sadly).

Damstra is a stock that I got wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does go on to bigger and better things, now that I have sold, but with the company twice having given and missed guidance, I no longer think it is logical or rational to believe what the company says.

My expectation is that shares will languish until the company proves that it was merely the victim of bad luck, rather than bad management, and I do not know when that will be. It was open to the company to simply not give guidance and I do not understand why the company is so keen to give guidance when the market doesn’t even trust them now.

For more thoughts on that, plus Pro Medicus, Tesla, Peloton and a bunch of good laughs with some good friends, check out the podcast below.

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